Stirling cooler K535 with a base temperature of 65 K (45 K)

The K535 Stirling cooler model was designed for applications that normally use liquid Nitrogen for cooling. The K535 operates with an integrated dual compressor whose pistons are operated in push-pull mode. This achieves a smoothness of operation that is unusual for a Stirling cooler.

The minimum temperature of the K535 is approx. 65 K, and approx. 40 K in the "low temperature" version. Depending on the temperature, up to approx. 20 W of cooling power is available. With the integrated electronics in conjunction with a built-in Si diode, the temperature is controlled by adjusting the compressor power. This eliminates the need for the usual cold head heating. In the "Regeneration" operating mode, the cooler tip can also be heated up at an accelerated rate.

The maximum power consumption of the K535 is only approx. 300 W. In operation, this is reduced to about 100 W in most cases after the equilibrium temperature has been reached.

The K535 is water-cooled, but can also be equipped with air cooling. The integrated design results in efficient cooling of the cold head as well.
The K535 is offered with either an ISO40KF or an ISO40CF flange for easy connection to vacuum systems.

In cases where vibrations are critical, the "low vibration" version K535LV is used.

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