Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Generators


Liquid nitrogen (LN2) is used in many areas of medicine, biology and engineering to achieve a temperature of 77 Kelvin (approx. -200 °C) in a reproducible and stable manner. 

Applications of LN2 in engineering often require large quantities of several 100 l/day or more. In such cases, large storage tanks are used, which are filled by tank truck.

For applications in medicine or biology, the required LN2 quantities are usually much smaller. Here the supply by tank truck is usually uneconomical and a separate LN2 generator for these small quantities proves to be more reasonable.

The company IMTEK manufactures such generators in quite different performance levels. The program starts at 10 l/day and reaches the range of several 100 l/day. The small units are ready to plug in (230 V, single-phase) and are about the size of a small refrigerator.

In addition to the generators for liquid nitrogen, IMTEK also offers generators for liquid oxygen (LO2) and liquid argon (LAr) as well as gaseous nitrogen and oxygen.

LN2 generator for 10 l/day

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LN2 generator for 20 l/day

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LN2 generator for 120 l/day

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