Cryogenic monitors and controllers

Temperature monitors

For all cases where low temperatures are only to be measured, the inexpensive and compact monitors from Scientific Instruments are the right choice. These instruments are compatible with all common sensor types, such as Si diodes, thermocouples and RuO2 sensors. In addition, individual curves can also be entered.

For applications where, for example, spatial temperature profiles are to be monitored, the 9304 model is available with 4 channels. The temperatures of the four channels are shown simultaneously on the display. Of course, all 4 channels can be read out simultaneously.

The monitor 9302 can also be used very well for monitoring cryopumps. With its two adjustable trigger points it allows an easy integration of the pump into the system control. All three devices have one RS232 and one Ethernet interface each.


Further Information

Temperature controller

Scientific Instruments is currently working on the development of a new cryogenic controller which will be operable with all common sensors. As soon as this new device is available, we will present it to you here.

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