Cryogenic sensors

Silicon diodes

In most cases, Si diodes combine very good measurement accuracy with an affordable price. They can be used down to temperatures below 1 K. Different calibration levels allow an economical adaptation to the measuring task in each case. Different packages are available.


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Various housing shapes

All diodes can be ordered without housing and in different housing shapes. The choice depends mainly on the desired mounting.

Ruthenium oxide resistance sensors

The patented RuO2 resistance sensors are used when Si diodes cannot be used due to strong magnetic fields or too strict requirements on residual gas quality. They can also be used for temperatures below 1 K.

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Platinum resistance sensors

Platinum resistance sensors are used for measurements at higher temperatures. They are also available in different housing shapes.


Chromel-Iron/Gold thermocouples are robust sensors. They can be used from approx. 1.5 K and are largely insensitive to magnetic fields. Furthermore, the thermocouples are UHV-compatible, since the insulation of the connecting wires consists of glass fabric.