Water vapour trap MicroStar®

Wasserdampffalle MicroStar®

The MicroStar® water vapour trap is based on the proven and durable Stirling cooler K535. It can be used wherever the water vapour partial pressure in the evacuated recipient is a problem (batch plants, load lock chambers) and enables shorter pump-down times and a better ultimate vacuum.

The MicroStar® is primarily intended for use in combination with a turbopump to compensate for its limited H2O pumping speed. It is simply flanged between the turbopump and the recipient, and its low baffle thickness of approx. 50 mm means that in most cases it does not require additional measures to accommodate it. Due to the high transparency/conductance of the baffle, the pumping speed of the turbopump is only slightly reduced.

The MicroStar® is offered in the standard nominal flange sizes of 100 mm, 160 mm, 200 mm and 250 mm, each with ISO-K or CF flange. For the DN320ISO-K flange size, 2 K535 coolers are used.

The maximum power consumption of the MicroStar® is only approx. 300 W during cooling and approx. 100 W in equilibrium operation.

With the integrated control electronics, the desired temperature can be easily set and controlled to very good precision. The temperature control is achieved by regulating the speed of the two compressor pistons, such that no counterheating is required. The MicroStar® is factory-set to approx. 120 K, since at this temperature H2O is already efficiently frozen, but other gases are not yet.

The MicroStar® is operated either by means of the manual switch or by integration into a control system via the RS232 interface. The operating data and, if necessary, error data can also be read out via this interface.

If the MicroStar® needs to be defrosted (regenerated), this is done by simply switching the operating mode to "Regeneration".

In addition to the standard flanged version, the MicroStar is also available in special versions, e.g. as a cold trap with replaceable cold plate for Parylene® coating processes.


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