Rotating magnetron cathodes

rotating magnetron cathodes

The rotating magnetron cathodes are characterized by these features:

  •     very high material utilization
  •     target length up to 1 m
  •     operation with DC, AC and pulsed (uni- or bipolar)
  •     magnet system motor adjustable for optimization of uniformity

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linear plasma source

The Linear Universal Plasma Source (LUPS) is used to support PECVD processes.

    Operation directly in the coating chamber or in a separate chamber (remote).

  •     operation with AC voltage, high frequency or microwaves, or combinations
  •     adjustable gas injection system to optimize uniformity
  •     operating pressure range covers 3 decades
  •     built-in self-cleaning device for long processes without opening the chamber

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W&L offers two models of the system for diamond and diamond-like carbon coating, the NCS 6-300 and the NCS 3-150.

With the combination of a pulsed microwave plasma and linear coaxial antenna technology, high chemical conversion rates can be achieved without simultaneously loading the substrate with a high heat input.
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On request, the systems are also offered with the process installed.

When coating parts with precious metals, economical use of the valuable starting materials is important. W&L offers the NMS450 system for this purpose. Three-dimensional components up to a size of Ø 120 mm x 400 mm can be coated. The cathodes and their surroundings are such that almost all of the deposited material can be recovered. In its maximum configuration, the NMS450 has two sputtering stations and an etching station for pre-cleaning.
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