Accessories for cryo pumps and diffusion pumps

Accessories and consumables for diffusion pumps

For its diffusion pumps, but also for the diffusion pumps of other manufacturers, HSR offers extensive accessories. These include, of course, the necessary operating equipment. The following are offered:

    Operating fluid (various oil kinds)
    Operating fluid refilling device
    Temperature protection switches, temperature detectors
    LN2 sensors, level controllers and supply equipment
    Cooling machines

Complete diffusion pump stacks

Upon request, HSR also supplies the diffusion pumps as part of complete pumping stacks, together with all the necessary valves and pressure sensors or those specified by the customer. These complete pumping stations are optionally available in manual or remotely-controlled/automated design.

Diffusion pump controller

When using diffusion pumps or pumping stations containing diffusion pumps, the peculiarities of this type of pump must of course be taken into account during operation. This refers above all to the necessary heating and cooling times. When integrating such a pump into a plant control system, it must be programmed accordingly.
To simplify this, HSR offers the PCA 600 control unit for diffusion pumps. In conjunction with an appropriate temperature sensor on the pump (Pt100) and the corresponding feedback signals of the connected backing pump(s) and valves, the PCA 600 warms up the cold diffusion pump, ventilates and evacuates the connected vacuum system and finally returns the pumping station to the switched-off state.
The PCA 600 can be operated manually, or remotely, either via the RS232 interface or digital inputs.