Cryo pumps

Marathon® CP cryo pumps

The Marathon® CP series of refrigerator cryogenic pumps is based on the long-proven Displex® cold heads. These robust and reliable cold heads are easy and thus cost-effective to maintain due to their simple design. The Marathon® CP series cryogenic pumps have the necessary thermal power reserves to cope with increased gas volumes.  Thanks to their metric design, Marathon® CP cryogenic pumps can be universally used and replaced anywhere and comply with the current standards. They are available in the nominal sizes
200 mm (8")
250 mm (10")
300 mm (12")
400 mm (16")
500 mm (20")
each available in ISO-K and CF versions. The 8" and 10" models are also available in angled "LP, low profile" design.
As an option, we offer a suitable temperature monitor with the temperature trigger points required for control.
In addition, Marathon® CP series cryogenic pumps can be automated and integrated into a plant control system using the Marathon Cryopump Controller (MCC), which is also available as an option.
Several suitable helium compressors with water or air cooling are available to operate the cryopumps.