Cryo generators for Meissner traps / water vapour traps and baffles


Telemark offers its cooler units in 5 cooling power steps:

1200/1800/2400/3000/3600 W

As these power ratings apply to the cooling capacity at the output, therefore it is very important for efficient operation that the connection lines between the cryogenerator and the consumer (Meissner trap or baffle) are very well insulated.

Telemark's TVP cryo coolers offer the advantages:

    short cooling times and fast warm-up for short coating cycles
    efficient pumping of water vapour due to high cooling capacity
    single- and dual-circuit models (e.g. for Meissner traps and diffusion pump baffles)
    no cumbersome and expensive nitrogen refill
    small "footprint
    connections for digital and analog control and monitoring
    "Kyoto" refrigerant and "standard" refrigerant can be used without chiller modifications, therefore TVP chillers can be used worldwide without any problems

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