Cryogenic Ltd.

Cryogenic Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers of high field superconducting magnets and dry (cryogen-free) cryogenic measurement systems that do not require liquid Helium (LHe).

The magnets and magnet systems are designed, built and extensively tested at Cryogenic Ltd. in London before delivery and installation at the customer's site. We (JCM) in Germany manage such projects from quotation to acceptance.

All magnets and magnet systems are carefully tested using appropriate instruments such as vibration analysis, NMR for magnetic field uniformity and stability, Hall samples for field profiles and still other test equipment where necessary.

Although LHe has now become a costly consumable, limiting its use in cryogenic technology, Cryogenic Ltd. still builds LHe systems for its customers on request, some with extremely low Helium consumption.

For customers with special requirements, Cryogenic Ltd. designs and builds complex and very sophisticated superconducting magnet systems. A recent example is magnets with very steep ramps that can reach up to 1 Tesla/second.

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