Vector magnet systems

In addition to solenoids, magnet systems with 2- and 3-dimensional field configurations are also offered. These "vector magnets" allow the magnetic field vector to be rotated over a complete circle (2D) or a complete sphere (3D). The maximum field strength over the entire possible angular range is currently more than 2 T for 3D magnets, and much higher for 2D magnets. The vector magnets are supplied with a PC and software which, in addition to controlling the magnet power supplies, also takes care of the graphical representation of the field vector (in Cartesian or polar coordinates).

The typical homogeneity of the superconducting magnets described is approx. 1 % over a spherical volume of 10 mm. Depending on the application and geometry, significantly higher homogeneities are also possible.

The superconducting magnets can be equipped with a superconducting switch for "persistent" mode, in which the magnet runs without connection to the power supply by short-circuiting the terminals. This mode can be advantageous for sensitive measurements. The field stability over time in "persistent" mode is typically about 10-7 per hour. The current supply systems of the magnets, which in addition to this function must also ensure the transition from the low operating temperature to room temperature, are essentially based on the many years of experience of Cryogenic Ltd. and enable low-loss and smooth operation under all operating conditions.