Based on the different magnet configurations, Cryogenic offers a range of so-called measurement systems. With these systems, different physical properties of the corresponding material sample can be determined at different magnetic fields and different temperatures. The possible measurement options include:

    Magnetic measurements
    Electrical measurements
    Thermal measurements

The maximum possible flux densities at the sample location are approx. 22 T (LHe) systems and approx. 18 T (cryogen-free systems). The minimum sample temperatures are, depending on the type of sample insert (VTI) used, approx. 1.5 K, approx. 300 mK and approx. 10 mK.

Such a measurement system usually consists of a base magnet and a separate measuring attachment, which is adapted to the respective special measurement or measuring method. The size and shape of the base magnets essentially depend on the desired magnetic field. The measuring attachment is either attached to the magnet or stands on a separate stand above it. Measuring systems are offered in the following variants, among others: