Application of cryo pumps

Cryo pumps

Cryogenic pumps are used wherever a very good and oil-free vacuum is required and a low water vapor partial pressure is important. SHI Cryogenics (until 2002 APD Cryogenics) were instrumental in the development of the first commercial cryogenic pumps. Today, SHI Cryogenics is one of the leading manufacturers of cryogenic pumps for all areas of vacuum technology. The Marathon® CP series cryogenic pumps are offered in several models with different flanges and in two designs, both HV and UHV. With their pneumatic drive and resulting simple mechanical design (there are only 3 moving parts), SHI Cryogenics' cryogenic pumps are robust and reliable and easy to maintain. The maintenance of the cold head, which is recommended approximately every 10,000 hours of operation, can also be performed on the system under vacuum if necessary. Therefore, pump replacement is not necessarily required, which can mean a significant increase in up-time combined with the corresponding impact on operating costs.