Quarz crystal sensors

Standard sensors

For all standard applications:

    Sensors without feedthrough, orientation perpendicular or parallel to the water lines
    Sensors with feedthrough, adjustable length, orientation perpendicular or parallel to the water lines
    Sensor with front loading or side loading (Cool Drawer models)

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UHV sensors

For applications where lowest pressures or highest cleanliness are required:

    Orientation perpendicular or parallel to the water lines
    some models adjustable in length before final assembly
    mounted on flange DN40CF
    also with shutter

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Multiple sensors

Sometimes it is important for process reliability to have redundant Quartz crystal sensors in the coating plant. There are also cases in which sensors can only be reloaded at very long intervals for plant-related reasons. In still other cases, it makes sense to coat each Quartz with only the same material at a time to increase the precision of the measurement. For all these cases, multiple sensors have been developed, which allow several measuring crystals to be brought into the measuring position one after the other or alternately:

    Double sensor for mounting anywhere on the coating line
    6-fold sensor for the adjustable mounting in a firmly positioned feed-through, usually in the center of the substrate rotary drive
    12-fold sensor for mounting at any place of the coating line

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Special sensors

For special measurement environments:

    Sputtering sensor with built-in deflector for energetic electrons, optimized for plasma processes in general, but especially for sputtering processes
    ALD sensor for temperatures up to 450 °C and use in harsh environments
    Sensors according to customer specifications on request, e.g. with built-in thermocouple

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